Wine Storage


Wine lovers take heart – now you can store your wine safely and conveniently in your own private wine cellar.

The Wine Storage Company understands that wine evolves in the bottle…and matures to its peak…best under controlled conditions.

Ours is a unique subterranean facility with constant temperature and humidity control, extensive security and the convenience of free 6 day access to your own cellar.

Who uses wine storage?

Just about anyone who is concerned about storing their fine wine in a humidity controlled, constant 14 degrees celsius environment. Wine consumers, enthusiasts, investors, restaurateurs and boutique vineyards requiring a Melbourne
base can benefit from leasing their own private cellar. From 6 to 1000 cases – other areas available on request.

Wine experts agree that two of the most important factors in wine storage are temperature and temperature consistency.

To nurture your wines and ensure a proper rate of maturity, it is generally agreed that around 14 degrees is the optimum storage temperature for most wines. Fluctuations in temperature, especially repeated fluctuations are considered to be detrimental to the wine. Lower temperatures slow development whilst higher temperatures age the wine prematurely.

The Wine Storage Company utilise state of the art computer monitoring equipment to maintain a year round temperature of 14 degrees celsius.

Melbourne’s only subterranean wine storage facility – available for public use. Our wine cellars are located within a fortified concrete vault below ground level.

Not only does this ensure very high levels of climatic integrity; it enables us to eliminate all natural light and vibration – both of which are very harmful to wine. We also provide goods lift access to the subterranean area.

Proper humidity is also important to the storage of wine. Too high a humidity will encourage moulds to develop and ultimately damage labels. Too low a humidity can cause corks to dry out increasing the risk of spoilage. The Wine Storage Company maintains a year round humidity of 60-70%. A veritable matrix of fire sprinkler protection equipment is installed throughout all areas of our wine storage facility and surrounding building areas. Our sprinkler system is checked and maintained weekly by qualified technicians and monitored 24/7.
Central, convenient location [6kms to the GPO] and free access to your cellar, six days a week. Security is a primary concern at The Wine Storage Company. Clients enjoy the benefits of their own private cellar – no one gets to see or handle your wine but you! Simply lock and keep the key.